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Amna from Pakistani College Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number Dating

College Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number Dating

Amna is the name of a sweet little girl who was born in a well to do family. At the time of her birth she already had two siblings an elder sister and a brother. They lived in Lahore Punjab. When she turned four her mother gave birth to another son and their family completed with two brothers and two sisters. All four siblings had natures that were opposite of one another. Though all of them were intelligent the most studious of all was Amna, while her siblings played happily she was worried about her exam and kept studying for ours to get good grades. She was god gifted and had an exceptionally intelligent mind due to which she used to stand first in every class. Here college situated in main Lahore city and she come with her friends before contacting via whatsapp mobile number with girls.

Pakistani College Girls Whatsapp Number for Dating

In her matriculation examination, she stood second in the board that is why she easily got admitted to Kinnaird college Lahore. She had a strong character and lived her life according to the moral values while her siblings were careless about every other thing in life. She was the most religious person in the family and used to offer all five prayers on time. Amna was a girl with short height and long black hair. She used to wear eastern dresses and did not like the western attire at all. After completing her graduation, she wanted to do masters in economics so she got admission in the master’s degree program. During her college years, her elder sister had got married and she was the only helper of her mother when suddenly her mother was diagnosed with severe back problem and doctors advised her bed rest.

In such situation amna could not concentrate on her studies as her values told her that her family and especially her parents had to be her top priority so she left college and decided to stay at home and take care of her mother and manage the house the best to her abilities. Both her parents tried to convince her to continue her education but she refused to obey because her mother was sick and needed to be taken care of.

Name: Amna

City: Lahore

Country: Pakistan

Eamil Address:

Whatsapp Number: 92+ 31257456897

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